RESOLVED - Internet Outages

College Community,

The Information Technology (IT) Department would like to report that the root cause of the sporadic internet outages occurring June 10 – 19 has been resolved. We apologize for the interruption to service; we know that stable internet access is critical to your success.

As we investigated the root cause of the internet outages it became obvious the College was under attack from a malicious person(s) and our internet firewalls were shutting down due to the amount of traffic hitting them. This caused an internet outage because no traffic was allowed in or out, which served to protect our systems. These attacks are called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A DDoS attack is similar to a traffic jam that clogs up a highway, preventing regular traffic from arriving at its desired destination. Typically these attacks are not meant to steal data but to wreak havoc on systems.

**NOTE: IT has closely monitored the Colleges data and traffic throughout this service interruption and no student, faculty, staff or College data has been compromised, stolen or lost. The attackers were NOT able to penetrate our network.

Tri-County strives to both practice and create an environment of transparency and continuous improvement. This is why we believe it is important for our College community to know the root cause of the recent internet outages.

As always, if you are experiencing any internet or connection problems while on campus, please reach out to the Service Desk for assistance at 864-646-1779.


Luke VanWingerden
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology



Update: Sporadic Internet Connectivity 6/14/2019 10:30 AM

The IT team is happy to announce that the internet connectivity issues appear to be resolved. After additional maintenance conducted yesterday afternoon, we have not experienced any interruptions of service for nearly 24 hours. At this point, the team feels the network is stable. However, we will continue monitoring the situation and respond accordingly.

Thanks to the college community for their understanding as IT worked to troubleshoot and correct this issue.

If you have any questions or experience any problems relating to internet connectivity, please contact the Service Desk (x1779).

- IT

IT Emergency Maintenance Window Tonight 6/12/2019

IT has been working diligently to resolve the internet connectivity issues Tri-County has experienced over the past several days. We acknowledge that these outages are frustrating and can be very impactful. We would like to thank the college community for their continued patience and understanding as the IT team works toward a resolution.

The team has discovered what we believe to be the root cause of the issue. The solution, however, may require several hours of internet downtime. We feel that this would be more disrupting to implement during business hours than the sporadic connectivity TCTC is currently experiencing. Because of this, we will perform the maintenance tonight at 7:00 PM. This outage will last for at least 30 minutes, but may take up to 4 hours. The outage will also impact other platforms like eTC, Blackboard, Banner, and the public website.

This scheduling decision was made with input from the Registrar's office and other campus leadership.

We will continue to send updates as they are available. If the issue persists after the maintenance window, communication will be sent before the start of business on June 13th.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the Service Desk (x1779) with any questions or concerns.

- IT

Update: Sporadic Internet Connectivity 6/12/2019 8:30 AM

Sporadic internet outages are occurring across all TCTC campuses. IT is aware of the issue and is working diligently to find a solution. Thank you for your continued patience throughout this process.

Please contact the Service Desk with any questions (x1779).

-IT Department

Update: Sporadic Internet Connectivity 6/10/2019 4:35 PM

The IT Department believes a solution has been found regarding the internet connectivity problems experienced earlier today. The last known interruption was documented at 1:15 PM. IT will continue to monitor the situation for 24 hours before marking the issue as resolved.

Thank you for your continued patience. Please call the Service Desk (x1779) with any questions.

Sporadic Internet Connectivity 6/10/2019 12:20 PM

All Tri-County Technical College locations are experiencing sporadic internet connectivity at this time. The IT department is investigating the problem and is working to have a resolution as quickly as possible. Another announcement will be sent once the problem has been resolved.

Thank you for your patience as the IT Department works to find a resolution.

-IT Department